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Wild & Petsch GmbH - Gemstones shopping at excellent rates

Over generations finest gemstones have been cut at Wild & Petsch, kaleidoscopic dreams, born by mother nature, mystified and full of secrets. Then exquisitely accomplished by master craftsmen for jewellers, goldsmiths and jewellery- designers who know about their customer's highest demands.


Wild & Petsch Lapidaries is known for:


Meticulous craftsmanship, giving every gemstone it's own individual character, whether unique items, pairs, sets, fancy cuts or calibrated series: highest quality in extraordinary brilliance. Perfection guaranteed by 40 longtime employees and our absolute market knowledge.



Master craftsmen with highest qualifications, outstanding specialists at their profession nowadays combine modern design, traditional craftsmanship and newest technology to form perfect pieces of art from mother nature's incredible treasures.



State-of-the-art workshops, permanent quality control and highly qualified, skilled specialists guarantee excellence "Made in Germany". Unchanging and with no exception, on single, unigue items as well as on small or large series.


Colours, shapes and light

The grand scaled showroom gives you an all-embracing overview about our product range. We are looking forward to presenting you a spectacular palette of coloured gemstones. Welcome to the show!

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